Joshua Lurie-Terrell

I create identities for social & political campaigns, typeset books and academic journals, design book covers and interiors, and make typographic props for film and television.

I serve on the MyFonts review board and maintain some of their social media.

I was the founder of Typographica and Hewn & Hammered, a co-founder of SactoMoFo, and an editor at MoCoLoco. I got my rich-media start as one of the first content editors at Alta Vista, in the days before search engines found everything for us.

You can see a few bits of my graphic work here.

I have a pile of kids and they, along with my beautiful and brilliant wife, plus Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Erik Satie, various dogs and cats, the dream of a truly progressive president, piles of books, and really good sandwiches are what get me through life.

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